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Paintings to Support Wuhan | 以画为名 支援武汉
发布日期:2020-06-18 00:00 文章来源:武汉市外事办

The epidemic in Wuhan has been a concern of people from all over the world in the first few months of the year 2020. Artists from many countries have chosen to cheer on Wuhan through artistic creations.



Sophie Tedeschi 


In an exhibition held this spring by Wuhan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and New Zealand Hubei Economy Trade Culture Association, the works of famous foreign artists were presented as a tribute to cheer the city on.

Sophie Tedeschi, a famous French painter who has held a solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in the 1980s presented two new paintings for the event.

Sophie has beeen giving lectures and holding exhibitions in universities, art schools and art galleries in China, including China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, and Jianghan University. She has a deep affection for Chinese culture. After creating serials of Chinese New Year zodiac paintings for Changjiang Daily for 8 years, she is now considered an old friend of the people in Wuhan. Her special set of new works to cheer Wuhan displayed in the exhibition portrayed the fearless people combating the coronavirus.


Sophie Tedeschi 索菲·特德斯基



China Will Win, Wuhan Will Win!

by Sophie Tedeschi [France]


[ 法 ] 索菲·特德斯基

Chinas Battle Against the Epidemic

by Sophie Tedeschi [France]


[ 法 ] 索菲·特德斯基 


Md. Ibrahim 


Md. Ibrahim, a Bangladeshi student who had left China because of an exhibition tour, also hopes to use art to express his deep affection for Wuhan and those who offered their help. Although he couldn’t return to Wuhan because of the lockdown, the city was always on his mind, and inspired him to create 4 new paintings.

According to him, “This project is about the epidemic in Wuhan. I love Wuhan. This city is my second home. People in Wuhan have been hit hard by this deadly virus. I think in this situation, all the doctors, nurses, volunteers, and workers are the real heroes and their efforts should not be forgotten. As the coronavirus spreads across the country, everyone with suspicious symptoms are carefully tended to by doctors and nurses. They make quick and accurate diagnosis, saving not only their patients’ lives, but also their own. This is why I focused on them in my works.”

Following are his paintings and relevant descriptions he gave.

Md. Ibrahim 易卜 






Brave heart-1 by Md. Ibrahim [Bangladesh]

《勇敢的心》之一 [ 孟加拉 ] 易卜

In this painting, a doctor is taking care of the severely ill patient. Doctors and nurses have been tending patients continuously. The doctor knows his job is highly risky but still sticks to his duty. Some of the medics were infected with the coronavirus, and some even died. But they never gave up. They are real heroes and patriots.


Braveheart-2 by Md. Ibrahim [Bangladesh]

《勇敢的心》之二 [ 孟加拉 ] 易卜

This painting shows a cleaner doing her duty during the epidemic. She is an example of all the workers and volunteers. They served the whole nation during this epidemic.


We Never Give Up by Md. Ibrahim [Bangladesh]

《永不言弃》 [ 孟加拉 ] 易卜

In this painting, the surgeons are fixing a heart. The heart represents Wuhan which was struck hardest by the outbreak. But luckily, the situation is now under control. All of the doctors, nurses, and health institutions are working hard to help Wuhan recover.


Deadly COVID-19 by Md. Ibrahim [Bangladesh]

《致命病毒》 [ 孟加拉 ] 易卜

These round shapes stand for coronavirus. The red ones are SARS-CoV-2, which can severely damage the human body.